Pg. 22, Developers Guide


I've just started working with VisAD, and the first thing I would like to get
done is to plot a 3D graph from a file of coordinates (longitude, latitude,
altitude) laid out in a plain old whitespace-delimited ASCII format. 

I saw that someone had previously been working on a similar problem and 
was told to look in section 3.1.14 of the Developer's Guide for help.  
There is a section of the code there that looks like this:

        //construct RealTupleType for grid coordinates
        RealType[] types3d = {row, column level};

The question I have is about the braces, {}, surrounding row, column, and
level in the above line.  I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that specific use
of braces as applied in Java.  Could someone please shed some light as to
what exactly the above code does?  Perhaps a way to seed the array?

Please forgive my ignorance in these matters--I've only been studying Java
for about a week or so. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who might help out.


Vikram Vatsa

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