Combining points with lines in 2D display

Hi, folks,

Could someone tell me how I can combine points with lines in a 2D
display? I mean, if that's possible...

I have also noticed that it is possible to have different scales on the
same 2D display, but only using a display like

displayN =  new DisplayImplJ3D("displayN", new

(as done in the GoesCollaboration application), and not an ordinary
DisplayImplJ2D. Could someone clarify this issue?

I have combined this two types of displays in the same application, and
all works fine, except for the aspect ratio. The two display types do
not seem to accept the same numerical value for the aspect. I set the
aspect of a 2D display with 

double[] asp2d = {2.0, 1.25};
ProjectionControl pcontrol = display1.getProjectionControl();      

but calling this function for a TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D (and doing
double[] asp2d = {2.0, 1.25, 1.0}) may set the same aspect ratio, but
makes the display somewhat larger (than the others DisplayImplJ2D).



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