Re: Unstructured Meshed again


> VisAD does not currently directly support showing the lines in Set
> topologies.  However, you or anyone could write a method that would
> take an Irregular3DSet and produce a UnionSet of Gridded3DSets with
> manifold dimension = 1, that would trace the edges of the input
> Irregular3DSet.  In fact, if anyone does write such a method, we would
> be very happy to include it in VisAD, or to add a link from the VisAD
> web page to a page serving and describing the method.

Code exists in the visad package that does what you want.

The visad.Delaunay class contains a main method that creates a UnionSet
of Gridded3DSets with manifold dimension 1 and displays the UnionSet in
a Java3D display.  However, the algorithm simply uses one Gridded3DSet
for each line segment, rather than finding intelligent ways to store
consecutive line segments in one Gridded3DSet.

To see the code in action, run:
     java visad.Delaunay 3 20 1

This command will display a tetrahedralization of 20 random 3-D data
points by using the technique above.

The code is located at lines 887 through 919 of visad/
Adapting the code to your own application should not be too difficult.

Hope this helps,
Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, (608) 262-7288
VisAD home page:

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