Re: no J3D in java.library.path


>I'm getting this when I try to run the examples.  I searched the archive and
>see that it's a fairly common problem.  My question - where on Sun's Java3D
>pages can I read how to properly install Java3D?  Currently I have it installed
>on my NT's C: drive, while jdk1.2.1 is on my D: drive.  I'm assuming this is a

For Java3D to work correctly, it must be installed to the JRE subdirectory of
your JDK 1.2 installation.  So, if your JDK is in D:\jdk1.2.1, then you need
to put "D:\jdk1.2.1\jre" as your installation directory when you run the
Java3D installation program.  Actually, there is probably a way to add Java3D
to your java.library.path regardless of where you installed it to, but I do not
know how to do it... it is easier to just install the program into your JDK JRE

>Question #2:  when I get this problem fixed, can I expect the Spline pgm to
>work (in paoloa\spline) on my NT box - or would it be a Solaris-only pgm?

Unfortunately, Spline utilizes native code that only works on Solaris.

Good luck, and let the list know if you have any more trouble.


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