Start with VisAD ....

Dear VisAD experts,

I'm quite new to VisAD and Java3D. Just now I downloaded 
two .jar files from your website, visad.jar, and visad_src-2_0.jar.
There is no nmake in this window NT machine, that is why I downloaded
visad.jar, and then I set CLASSPATH as \home\VisAD and \home\VisAD\visad.jar.

I have done much visualization work with other visual packages. and now
I am eager to see how VisAD works. Can you tell me what is the next step
I should do after I downloaded those two .jar files and set the CLASSPATH?

This is something trivial, but will be the frist step for me toward building
applications based on VisAD.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!


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