I have two questions/comments regarding the
DisplayImpl.getImage() routine.  I am attempting to read a
small piece of a DEM out of a very large Netcdf file
(~400mb), create an offscreen display, create an image to
send to the offscreen display and then have another Java
program grab that image using the getImage() routine.

1.  I have had some limited success, except for the fact
that when the image returns, it is the black screen with the
small white lettered "please wait" at the bottom.  Obviously
I am returning the image before it is fully loaded into the
offscreen display.  I have tried using the
getDisplayRenderer.getWaitFlag(), but it still does not wait
long enough.  Is there another way for me to find out when
the image is completely loaded into the offscreen display?

2.  When I run the DisplayTest cases 50-52 on an NT machine,
the copied image is not loaded into its frame until I resize
the frame.  I don't know if this has anything to do with
image loading or if this is the intended functionality.

I have managed to get the piece of the DEM displaying
similarly to test case 50 but I can't get another UI to
successfully load the image into its own frame.  I am after
a simple static image, not the linked kind in the test case.


Hank Fisher   Software Engineer             
Research Applications Program              
National Center for Atmospheric Research 
P.O. Box 3000, Boulder CO 80307-3000                      
email: fisherh@xxxxxxxx    ph: 303-497-2817

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