Re: Elevation surfaces -- Cutting planes

Mohamad jadi wrote:
> Ugo (and others), have you thought about how to "cut" the elevation surfaces? 
>  Thinking parametrically, perhaps a function like: ((x, y)-->z)
> -->((x, y) -->z)?  Cutting planes could be parameters too.  Just rambling...

Hi, Mohamad,

I'm working on a little application to cut the DEM and present in a 2D
display the profile at that plane (cutting plane). So far I've only got
the profile either in the x or the y direction. I don't have a "proper"
cutting plane either (that is, drawn on the 3D display). The idea is to
be able to depict a movable plane that sweeps the DEM and sends the data
of the intersection curve to the 2D display. In the future I want to be
able to click on the DEM (that is, the 3D display), select some points
at free will, and have the profile drawn in the 2D display.
But first I have to go back and kill some bugs...:-)

I have just seen Bill's suggestion, and I'll try to to somthing in that

In the meantime, feel free to have the code.


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