Re: Documentation/examples

Hi Heiko,

> I'm looking for documentation for VisAD. Since I'm just beginning, I'd like
> to have simple examples, . . .

The VisAD web page at:

is the starting point.  It has links to the VisAD Developers Guide,
which is the main document, plus many application examples.  The
system is distributed as source code and includes about 100 example
applications, many in the visad/examples directory.  These include
the programs, where currently 0 <= nn <= 60.

> . . . like plot a function of one variable, shows two 1-D function plots (in Java3D, see Test34
for the same thing in Java2D, and Test35 linking Java3D & Java2D).
The function starts as a simple triangle, but you can change the
function values by re-drawing its graph (by clicking on the graph
with the right mouse button and dragging).

Test14 / Test15 does this same thing between two different
computers in Java3D, and Test55 / Test56 in Java2D.

visad/paoloa/ and visad/benjamin/
are science applications that include plots of 1-D functions.

> plot a function of 2 variables in 3D,

Lots of the programs do this, including Test3, test10,
and Test12.  There are also plots of 2-D functions in

> density-plots,

Test31 does something like this - a 3-D scatter diagram.

> contour-plots etc.

Test01, Test02, Test05, Test06, Test37, Test38, Test59 and Test60 do
this.  There is an iso-surface display in visad/benjamin/
Also, visad/examples/ makes novel use of iso-surfaces
to visualize the relation between the RGB and HSV color spaces.

One of the basic ideas of VisAD is to parameterize all these different
types of plots according to a set of mappings from data primitive to
display primitives (and also depending on data dimensionalities and
topologies).  Try running 'java' and using it
to view a number of our example data sets (see the VisAD SpreadSheet
web page at:  Its Edit
Mappings dialog box will give you a pretty good sense of how VisAD
paramterizes displays.

Bill Hibbard, SSEC, 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI  53706
hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  608-263-4427  fax: 608-263-6738

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