blobs in Visad

Dear Visad experts,     

I'm relatively new to Visad and Java3D, so
please sexcuse me if I ask something trivial.
In PoV -- there's that construct, called blob.
Can I achive a similar effect in Visad?

Thank you very much for your help,
P.S.: Povray about blobs:
-- from povray.doc
4.4.2            Blob Object

Blobs are described as spheres and cylinders covered with "goo" which
stretches to smoothly join them (see section "Blob"). Ideal for modelling
atoms and molecules, blobs are also powerful tools for creating many smooth
flowing "organic" shapes.

A slightly more mathematical way of describing a blob would be to say that it
is one object made up of two or more component pieces. Each piece is really
an invisible field of force which starts out at a particular strength and
falls off smoothly to zero at a given radius. Where ever these components
overlap in space, their field strength gets added together (and yes, we can
have negative strength which gets subtracted out of the total as well). We
could have just one component in a blob, but except for seeing what it looks
like there is little point, since the real beauty of blobs is the way the
components interact with one another.

Let us take a simple example blob to start. Now, in fact there are a couple
different types of components but we will look at them a little later. For
the sake of a simple first example, let us just talk about spherical
components. Here is a sample POV-Ray code showing a basic camera, light, and
a simple two component blob (this scene is called blobdem1.pov):

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