a few late-night questions


My brain is turning to mush. I think it's time to call it a night.

But first:

1) Any suggestions on why I am getting missing data from my resamplings?
The original data seem to be OK but the grid is not particularly
regular. (This is some MM5 output.) I defined the original domain as a
Gridded3DSet by giving it a list of coordinates that aren't necessarily
monotonically increasing.  This field displays fine, but with 60*60*31
wind vectors, the scene is a bit crowded (and slow to rotate). My
resampling domain is a simple Linear3DSet (20x20x10). The result is
mostly OK but there are enough holes (i.e. missing data) that attempts
to do IsoContours are not pretty. As expected, NEAREST_NEIGHBOR doesn't
leave as many holes as WEIGHTED_AVERAGE, but there are still plenty.

2) Can anything be done about the clipping when you zoom in too close?

3) Can one change the aspect ratio of a 2D plot instead of getting a

4) I got axis labels with setScaleEnable. How can I control the color,
font size...?

Murky Buckets,

| Doug Lindholm, Software Engineer          |  E-mail: lind@xxxxxxxx   |
| Research Applications Program             |   Phone: 303-497-8374    |
| National Center for Atmospheric Research  |                          |
| P.O. Box 3000                             |     There's no place     |
| Boulder, Colorado 80307-3000              |        like $HOME        |

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