I'm not having much luck getting the colors I want. 

I had something like this:

(x,y) -> (z)
with z mapped to a display color such that I had some decent looking

I then had

(x,y,z) -> shape
so I could have a shape fly through the 3D scene. This actually works
but my shape object changes color with height - an interesting effect,
but not the one I'm after. :-)

Is there a way to specify the color of a shape without getting fancy
with mappings (i.e. not like Test47 which about turned my brain inside
Do I need to use this ColorControl thing? Any examples, suggestions?

I also have
(x,y,z) -> (u_wind,v_wind)
and I'd like the wind vectors be colored by height, but not the same as

Do I simply need a different "z" for each of these?

While I'm at it, why do I get blue when I map to Display.Yellow (and
other related stuff)?


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