unstructured grids


I am very interested in unstructured and structured mesh
data visualization; however I am afraid you have much more
experience than I. I am at the early part of a project to piece
together a Java program for visualizing my spectral element
simulations, domain decomposition method with quadrilaterals
and pyramids, there is a NxNxN unequally spaced mesh within each
subdomain. Applications to fluid flow and quantum chemistry.
I am very new to Java and I thought you could give me some
advice on a good starting point. Right now I'm still trying to put
up a button so I can zoom in and out on my wireframe, much
less color planes or 3-d surfaces. I spotted visad and I thought
it would be a very good starting point. The project is a side thing
and thus I am avoiding purchasing any software.

Paul F. Batcho

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