Re: Program to visualize layers: revisited


I'm back with yet another problem!

I can't see how I could write a programm to visualize (say, soil) layers
without using a 3D-set (off course it may be I'm blind :-))

Anyway, I tried to do something useful with a 3D-set and I got a
OutofMemoryError. (I tried with the option -mx128m, but still out of
I just can't figure out how to do it with a linear 2D-set and it seems
impossible that I'll manage to squeeze out some more bytes.

Our data set consists of M x N height points, each with an attribute
value. So we'd have 2 x L x M x N points (where L is the number of
layers)  each with its own attribute: soil type,  etc.
The point is, I can only set one RealType to Display.ZAxis. Ideal would
be to be able to set many RealTypes to Z...
Is there a workaround? 

Sorry to bother you guys again.



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