Error when running SpreadSheet or MiniSheet

I have installed VisAD on an Win NT machine.

Two issues:
1. minor point
To compile the code I had to remove the jmet references in the NT

When running MiniSheet or SpreadSheet I get the following fatal errors
when trying to import data
(I used the file from your site to test)

java.exe Application error
The instruction at 0x695942a3 referenced memory at 0x00000000.
The memory could not be read.

At the command line the following error was reported

A non fatal internal JIT (3.00.078(x)) erro 'regvar' has occured in :
'visad/data/DefaultFamily$ () Z' :
Interpreting method

I just downloaded the jar files so I should have the latest distribution
of Visad.
my java -version is 1.2-V, native threads
and I have the latest J3D installed.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

John Hildebrandt
Senior Research Scientist
DSTO C3 Research Centre      Phone: 02 6265 8002
Fernhill Park                           Fax:     02 6265 8010
Department of Defence

Email:  john.hildebrandt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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