I am trying to recreate some examples from last fall after updating
everything in sight. [I was using beta4 and the visad I downloaded in aug.
now I'm on solaris java1.2 (aka java2) and the visad-src.jar is dated

Last fall I was able to run these examples by using java -mxBigNumber
and since then I've added a 256MB to the machine. Running java -mx512m
still gets the outofmemmory error but top (with 0 second delay) never
shows the program using more than 315MB (and only 44MB in res)

The program is doing an isosurface for volumetic data. By default the
isosurface at W=0 is nothing, one click on the contour widget to the
right is enough to cause the problem.

Strangely, it worked "once" with the default -mx

The old version of the program is almost that of

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