Y2K Compliance


I have been charged with the task of obtaining Y2K compliance statements
for all software used in our lab. This search includes VisAD 2.0.

I am looking for a URL containing any statements or disclaimers
regarding Y2K Compliance.

In addition, I am also looking for a Y2K statement on Java3D. I have
found a statement for JDK 1.2 ( http://www.sun.com/y2000/cpl.html ).

Any information you may have on this topic is appreciated.


John C. Bailey - Systems Analyst
Lockheed Martin
In support of:
ETSD Scientific Visualization Center

PHONE -> (919) 541-7878
FAX ->   (919) 541-0056

P.O. Box 14365
Mail Drop 4501-1B
RTP, NC 27709


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