Axis description disappears

 I have a little application which draws different types of displays according 
to the users option (to be clicked on a check-box).
 When the application starts, I have the axis descriptions (x-axis, y-axis and 
elevation) drawn fine on the screen, but when I click (and the image is 
redrawn), the y-axis description is the only one to be drawn again.
 I don't think it's a memory problem, because I'm running the -mx128m option. I 
have done setScaleEnable(true), but it doesn't help.
 Anyone with an idea?
 (But I did have an OutOfMemoryError because of a long colour table. This might 
interest other VisAD users. By creating the table manually, to 64 or 256 
colours, I fixed the problem.)

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