Re: dimensionality


>Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 9:59:19 CDT 
>From: Tom Whittaker <tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Steve Emmerson)
>Subject: Re: dimensionality 

In the above message, you wrote:

> Maybe.  If I have pressure (mb) and multiply it by wind speed (kts),
> I'd like to get the result in joules/cm2

Well... you'll get it in joules/m^2 -- but you can convert it to
anything you want.  If you have a preferred display quantity for that
kind of quantity (e.g. "joules/cm2") then the system should be able to
automatically convert to it.

> ...and also know that I'm dealing with is "energy per unit area."  

There's no way, at present, to ask a Unit for its dimensionality.  Such
a capability could be easily added, however.

Steve Emmerson   <>

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