Re: dimensionality

Steve Emmerson wrote:
> > during my undergrad 'career' was a representation of quantity names
> > using a 3-D matrix for powers (and inverse powers) of Length, Mass, and
> > Time.  In each box, the "unit dimensional" quantity was shown (like:
> > 
> >                  1  -2
> >                 L  T 
> >                  acceleration
> > 
> > Not every box had a name, but the ability to relate to a quantity
> > without introducing specific units systems was an extraordinary aid to
> > dimensional analysis.  I would think this sort of thing would be
> > critical when users start combining parameters with units attached.
> > Steve, has anyone looked into this type of thing for use with udunits?
> It would be very easy to support this in the VisAD Unit class.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a very useful addition?  I wonder
if this has come up in any discussions about udunits?


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