quantity database


I'm thinking about developing a quantity database and would like to know
if you think this would be a good idea.

A quantity is something like "time" or "enery" or "viscosity".  When
importing a netCDF dataset, I find that I need to know certain default
attributes for the various quantities -- attributes like default units
and default set (e.g. DoubleSet or FloatSet).  I think that a quantity
database that could return these default attributes would be a good
thing.  Naturally, it would have to be customizable by the user.

I think it should also reside in the core VisAD package (Bill, would
this be OK?).

After developing a quantity database, I think I'd next like to develop a
coordinate system database -- but that should be done after quantities
are developed since it'll probably make use of them.

Your comments would be appreciated.


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