display problem

I recently downloaded VisAd and all the necessary parts.  The JDK 1.2
went in with no problem.  After OpenGL 1.1.1 was installed on our
Solaris (sunos 5.6) machines,  Java3d  was installed.  After all that
the VisAd package was installed and compiled along with it's two
demo's.  So far, there is one major problem that has been discovered:
Even though the widgets and other elements all display fine, the display
windows come up black and white (not even gray scale, just black and
white).  After finding this, I went and ran some Java3d demos only to
find the same thing.   This is true for both demos.  I poked around the
JDC site but found no mention of this problem.  Everything seems right,
Solaris version, jdk version, java3d, etc.  Any suggestions on what to


Brandon Hill

Virtual Environments Lab

Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography

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