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>Ok.  But, then, which one of these is better?
>   (FunctionType (Real): (time) -> (lat, lon), FunctionType:
>   (time) -> FunctionType (Real): (altitude) -> (pressure, temperature))
>    (FunctionType: (time) -> ((lat, lon), 
>    FunctionType (Real): (altitude) -> (pressure, temperature)))
>The second one allows one to associate a CoordinateSystem with the (lat,
>lon) RealTuple -- which can also be done in the first one.
>Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>

Since our elemental unit of memory cache is a FlatField, I would say
that the first MathType is better for efficiency although the 
second type is more descriptive or natural.

Tom Rink

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