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>Is it better to return the following VisAD MathType:
>    (FunctionType (Real): (time) -> (lat, lon), FunctionType:
>    (time) -> FunctionType (Real): (altitude) -> (pressure, temperature))
>which is a Tuple of two, separate Fields -- or this, equivalent, one:
>    (FunctionType (Real): (time) -> (lat, lon, 
>    FunctionType (Real): (altitude) -> (pressure, temperature)))
>which is a Field with a Tuple range comprising two Scalars and a Field?

Hi Steve,

In the latter case, lat and lon are not grouped into a tuple which wouldn't
be desirable if they are to have a reference tuple type.  For example, 
map coordinates.  Also, the first MathType may be representable as a
FlatFields with List1DSet domain Sets.  Any other ideas?


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