Re: Newbie Question


  I've put and the data file, t02a_010_06_00_1025_TMP
into pub/incoming on your ftp server.  You run the program as:

java WXView t02a_010_06_00_1025_TMP

I'll look into the missing data issue, but this is supposed to be
output from an MM5 dataset.  It is supposed to be
a 144x120 grid, but I'm not sure if I've read the dimensions
in the correct order.  I played with changing to 120x144, but
it looked about the same.  Also, I am running under Solaris
with the Reference release of JDK1.2 and Java3D.  The data
file is binary and was written from a C program called wgrib
for extracting slices of data from a GRIB file.


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