Re: GRIB file adapter

Steve Emmerson tells me that there is a GRIB to netCDF converter
called "gribtonc" which is part of Unidata's "decoders" package.
Information on it can be found at:
It's in the "decoders.tar.Z" file.
So you could convert your GRIB files to netCDF and then use the netCDF adapter.
There are also numerous GRIB to Vis5D converters (often, one person's
GRIB reader won't read another person's GRIB file).  One is part of
the Vis5D source distribution in the vis5d-5.0/contrib/grib
> Otherwise, I may start down that path.
If you do decide to go down that path, please feel free to ask for
advice and help.  We will always be happy to add new adapters to
the VisAD distribution, or to provide URLs to your web pages about
your adapters.
You are in luck with GRIB files, since their VisAD MathTypes will
be simple.  You can decide how rigorous you want to be in adapting
GRIB metadata (e.g., coordinate systems, units, etc) to VisAD
data objects.  We'll help you figure all this out, if you go down
that path.
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