ACK!  I'm trying to compile VisAD with the new JDK1.2.  Apparently,
there are 2 releases of the JDK, a reference implementation and an
early release Production version for Solaris.  Below are the differences

we have found between the two versions.  The javax.swing import
statement won't work with the Production version, and I can't get a
clean compile with the reference version.  I'm stuck!  Anybody know
what is going on, at least with the Solaris version??

KathyLee Simunich
Argonne National Lab


Reference Version -
        same code on Windows and Solaris
        no support from Sun
        not JIT
        not optimized
        either javax.swing or com.sun.java.swing seem to work
        not for release to users
        no root permission needed to install

Production Version -
        different code on two platforms
        supported by Sun
        optimized for Solaris
        only com.sun.java.swing works  <== problem with VisAD code
        supposed to used in releases to users
        root installs in /usr

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