I have installed OpenGL and Java3D properly on my Sun workstation
(running Solaris 2.6).  The examples for the java3d work, so I am
that it is installed properly.

However, I downloaded a new version of visad from your ftp site
yesterday, and I cannot get it to finish compiling.  It does not like
the 'import javax.swing.*' statement in many of the interface classes.
I am using JDK1.2beta4, however, the package name in that version
of the code is  I started editing each class
that statement, but it soon got too tedious.  Did I miss something with
regard to which JDK package I'm supposed to use?

Also, do you have any idea when visad will be compatible with the
finally released JDK1.2?

KathyLee Simunich
Argonne National Lab

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