Re: HPC scenario

We pipe data from distributed apps written in C++ with MPI to Java viewers
using a socket connection.    The java viewserver starts up a socket listener
at a prespecified port; the C++ app then creates a socket and connects to that
port from a remote machine.   Works great.

Randy Heiland wrote:

> Has anyone used VisAD for visualization of data from a legacy parallel
> application - as opposed to a Java app?
> E.g., I have an app written in Fortran, using MPI, and would like to hear
> ideas for getting data from such an app into VisAD for on-the-fly
> visualization.
> Recently I've used the CUMULVS pkg from ORNL to allow for this data exchange
> between an app and a front-end viewer written in C++.  CUMULVS allows for
> dynamic attachment of a (vis) process to a running simulation (via PVM).
> thanks,
> Randy

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