problem with visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

There is a problem with this list (visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

I just repsonded to John's and Glenn's questions and CC'ed
visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, which forwarded my messages to
visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, which bounced them to me because I'm
not a member of visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I am a member under
my mailing list alias 'Bill Java' so you should all get this).

This means that those of you subscribed to visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
will not see postings to visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx that come from
outside of Unidata.

There are two solutions that I can think of:

1. Set up visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to allow posting by non-members.

2. Get rid of visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and you all join
   visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx directly, then I see if I
   can get an answer from the SSEC sys admins about
   archiving visad-list.

By the way, I forwarded my bounced answers to John's and
Glenn's questions to Steve, who hopefully can post them
to visad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (thanks, Steve).


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