Just wondering..
        Is there a way to move the light source? 
        or manipulate the shadows?  

        I have another problem. 
        Suppose that we have a graph G(V,E)

If I want to construct visad Data based on the value stored on node
and an index to the node...
And also the edges (with weights) out of each node. 
Since we don't know apriori the # edges out of each node
The RealTuple representing the node's edges can be of 
arbitrary sizes. 
Now we have 2 RealTuple(s) - how do we combine them together?
in the visad Data Model. 
I looked at SetType but I don't think so..
I lookes at the examples but cannot see anything
FunctionType ? 
(But that would mean the RealTuple with arbitrary sizes
would be a problem)

xx = new RealType(..);
yy = new RealType(..);
xy = new RealTupleType(xx, yy);
zz = new RealType(..);

but zn = new RealTupleType(zz, zz, ... );
(but this is an arbitrary number of zz)

And we need to have defined zn before we can define

func = new FunctionType(xy, zn);

How should I do this or is there a way to do this?

Eugene Teh
1516 Henry St, #1
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 540 0324 (home)
(510) 642 5048 (office)

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