Re: ContourWidget

>ContourWidget is used in DisplayTest 1 but I can't find an explaination
>for all the "controls" in contains. The labels and dashed line checkboxs
>the interval and base and the cute movable arrow at the bottom all "work"
>but seem to have no effect on the display.
>The contour checkbox and JSlider of course work.

The ContourWidget handles mappings to IsoContour in both the 2-D case and
the 3-D case.  The "contours" checkbox will turn contours on and off in
both 2-D and 3-D.  The JSlider is for selecting an iso-level in 3-D (it
has no effect in the 2-D case).  The "labels", "dashed lines", "interval",
"base", and range select controls are all for controlling iso-contours in
the 2-D case only.  They do not have any effect in the 3-D case.

DisplayTest 1 demos the ContourWidget in 3-D.
DisplayTest 5 demos the ContourWidget in 2-D.

It turns out to be a rather complicated issue for the ContourWidget to
detect whether a given display is in 2-D or 3-D, so it just displays all
of its controls all the time, even though some of them are not necessary
in certain cases.

Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, (608) 262-7288
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