Some details with Display.shapes.


        I have a couple of questions, hopefully you guys can help out. 
I used Display.Shape to create a plate-object 
The size/scale of the platess correspond to my sample data set.
And the "display" consists of multiple plates. 

(1)     Is there a way to select an individual plates? 
        I hope to trigger visualization-relative to selected plates.
        As far as I know - the mouse interaction allows users to 
        rotate/zoom/translate/move cursor around the whole display 

(2)     Is there a way to specify multiple colors in different
        regions on ONE plate? (if possible without having to 
        create the plate as a composite object of different shapes)
        If there isn't - can you direct me if I want to implement that
        feature somewhat efficiently

(3)     Thank you very much for the software. It's wonderful !! 
        But I must say that it's hard for one to learn to use the
        many powerful features of visad. I have been reading the 
        documentation and experimenting with
        I find that it's difficult to know what is happening in 
        I have request - is it possible that you include some
        samples that is less abstract - and somewhat more contained.
        Contained => no fortran, no images or other data format, no
        Basic ideas like - creating Real Data Objects that has numerical
        values, mapping them to some display, Creating DataReference, 
        illustrating how to use the reference to change data values, 
        and have the display updated accordingly.
        How to implement direct manipulation.

(4)     BTW the javadoc link in the homepage is a broken link again
        Can someone fix it?

Thank you very much for all your patience  


Eugene Teh
1516 Henry St, #1
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 540 0324 (home)
(510) 642 5048 (office)

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