Shapes, text rendering,


Thanks for your response to my two questions about rendering api-native
shapes and rendering text.

I went ahead and rendered my river confluence nodes as many-sided
polygons that approx. a circle. Given my PC-background, I was afraid of
grabbing resources of any kind for anything. But, these nodes look
really fine, and there is no perceptible drag on the VisAD and/or video
card rendering machinery.

I do look forward to the ability to render text, however. Thanks for the
offer to add that capability.

I have more questions:

I would like to enable a user select one of my graphic elements from the
graph by clicking on it with the mouse. I'd like to highlight the
selected map element, as well. Are these actions doable? And if so, how
do I go about it? I've perused the examples and the source, etc. In your
examples utilizing DirectManipulationDisplayRenderer3D (I think) I've
seen mouse coord's displayed on-screen. I'd like to capture the mouse
coord when the mouse is initially clicked, determine which map element
is under the mouse (this part I can do, of course), and then display it
in a different color or in some other way highlight its appearance. I am
using TwoDDisplayRenderer3D at this point given its better performance
for translating and zooming.

Thanks, John

John B. Parrish, Ph.D.
1165 Elderberry Circle
Folsom, CA 95630
Office: 916-983-6267
Fax:    916-983-6281
email:  parrish@xxxxxx

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