I received the new Rivers.java example in visad/examples directory, and
have it working. Thank you, it looks gorgeous!

I have two more questions:

1) If I want, say, the confluence of the south flowing river and the
east feeder river to be represented by a node, ie a very small circle,
how do I render this circle? Given your example, I can devise a set of
node coordinates and radii. What eludes me is how to access the
API-specific method for drawing these circles (if that's how you'ld
approach this; typically graphic api's offer ellipses and other shapes).
I could also use rectangles, but could create these with line segments.
Anyway, that's the idea.

2) How do I render lables? For example, I would want to label a feeder
river as "Calsag Inflow" and a node as "Calsag Confluence", and so

Thanks, John

John B. Parrish, Ph.D.
1165 Elderberry Circle
Folsom, CA 95630
Office: 916-983-6267
Fax:    916-983-6281
email:  parrish@xxxxxx

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