VisAD Thread/Java 3D Problem

We are currently evaluating VisAD and have experienced the following
problem, which appears to be connected with Java 3D threads:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: wakeupOn must be called from initialize or
        at Code)
        at visad.java3d.RemoveBehaviorJ3D.setWakeup(Compiled Code)
        at visad.java3d.RemoveBehaviorJ3D.addRemove(Compiled Code)
        at visad.java3d.DisplayRendererJ3D.switchScene(Compiled Code)
        at visad.java3d.RendererJ3D.doAction(Compiled Code)
        at visad.DisplayImpl.doAction(Compiled Code)
        at Code)
        at Code)

This error occurs when running the GoesRetrieval example program (four times
one for each window) as well as many of the other example programs. We
presume that this is likely to be an error with our Java 3D setup or
something along those lines. We would be very grateful for any help or
observations which can be given/made. 

We have recently subscribed to the VisAD mailing list. Please excuse us if
this is a common problem already listed in the mailing list, as we have not
yet received any information. 
One other problem we have encounter, which is specific to the benjamin
example is shown below:

Cannot set up server - running as stand-alone
      Grid Size info

      Read in density switches....

      Read in pressure switches...

      Read in gravity switches...

      Read in radiation pressure switches...

      Read in filling factor stuff...

      Read in abundance stuff...

      Read in output switches...

      Read in slices parameters...

      Read in density parameters....

      Read in pressure parameters....

      Read in gravity parameters....

      Read in radiation pressure parameters...

      Read in filling factor parameters....

      Read in abundance parameter...

 leaving gcalc
 zintegration has no convergence check!
 or boundary check. Must do by hand!
 Density model leaves out gum nebula for now
open: [1018] can't find 'old' file
logical unit 11, named 'gal.dat'
Abort (core dumped)

Thankyou for your time, 

Owen Rees-Hayward
Combustion Key Systems
System Engineer
EDS Rolls Royce Account
GP1-2, P.O Box 3, Filton, Bristol, UK.
tel. 0117 9797543
email: owen.rees-hayward@xxxxxxx

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