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Dear HDF user

We are proud to present you a data visualization program we developed at
Mind. The program reads the HDF format.

HdfExplorer is a Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ application that reads the HDF
format and displays the data accordingly, that is, images are displayed as
images, text as text, and array numbers as either grid values or color maps.
HdfExplorer includes support for both scalar and vector data.

We believe the strength of HdfExplorer is its facility of use. This is not
the rule in many of the visualization programs available to the scientific
community, that are difficult and complex to use, and one take weeks or
months to produce some results. In HdfExplorer all the user as to do is
select a menu or push a button and instant access to a data display is

Here at Mind we are very excited about our new product. We hope it can be
useful to all the people that works in the visualization field.

You can order a free demo CD of Hdf Explorer. Our URL is:


If you want to receive the demo CD just send us your mail address and it
will get to you.

We want to hear from you

We would like to hear what you think of the program. We would like to modify
it accordingly to ours customers needs.

We also would like to invite to visit us at our headquarters. Here we can
make a personal demo of the program and also invite you to visit our
beautiful country, Portugal, the country of the last XX century world
exposition, the Expo98.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Pedro Vicente

Hdf Explorer development team at Mind

Pedro Vicente
Av. Duque Avila 23-C
1000 Lisboa, Portugal

email:  hdf.explorer@xxxxxxx
voice:  351-1-315 01 68
fax:    351-1-315 01 69

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