No color

Hi Bill,

I've been able to try visad on 2 different workstations here.

The first was a low end machine (SPARC 10 with GX). It was VERY slow
and the graphics resolution was poor. In fact, the VisAD
window was too large to fit on the screen.

The second was an Ultra 10 with PGX graphics and a larger monitor.
I tried the Paoloa, Aune, and Earth applications. They all
seem to run fine, except that I get no colors in the graphic
windows. All plots and fields appear in black and white.
Any idea of what may be the problem.

Finally, it may be a good idea to budget a high end Sun workstation
for NSSL in the HPCC proposal. We have no general use machine
with the faster speeds and necessary graphics. The Ultra 10 I'm
using today is about to be shipped to a weather service office
for real-time testing of the NSSL Warning Decision Support System

See you next week!


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