Questions on TextType and CellImpl

1. Currently Equinox (
makes two separate calls to a remote server: 1) get a FlatField and 2)
get a String array of word stems associated with the (x,y) values of
the FlatField.  I do this because they are two different data types and
to ensure the threaded server can support multiple clients connecting
to it.  I would like to return both the FlatField and String array in
one call.  Better yet, it would be ideal to make the word stems
available as meta-data of the FlatField.  I need to install the
meta-data (word stems) on the remote server and determine their values
from the Equinox client.  How is this done?  I have not seen any
examples that demonstrate how textual meta-data (TextType) can be

2. Equinox uses a yellow tracking dot to move a green dot across the
surface that represents the number of documents a particular word stem
is associated with.  I believe the tracking would be easier if the
green dot was instead a green line.  The green dot sometimes disappears
behind surface peaks which makes it difficult to track.  A green line
parallel to the Z axis would prevent the user from losing track of the
intersection of the surface.  Can this be done?  Any hints on how to
get this working would be most appreciated.

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