Visad/Java 3D beta 1 problems under NT

Equinox works fine under Solaris but fails under NT with

  java.lang.IllegalStateException: wakeup0n must be called from initialize
    or processStimulus
        at visad.java3d.RemoveBehaviorJ3D.setWakeup(

The 3-D surface appears but the green and yellow tracking dots do not

I'm using Java3D beta 1, JDK 1.2 beta 4, and the latest VisAD distribution
as of today on both machines.  Equinox is available at

Note both NT and Solaris versions of Equinox worked fine under JDK 1.2 beta 4
and Java 3D Alpha.  Unfortunately I cannot locate a copy of the windows
version of Java 3D Alpha and I overwrote it when I install Java 3D beta 1.

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