Compile errors for file adaptors

 After making the additions to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
 CLASSPATH, I did not see any more errors when building visad with
 'make compile'. However, I'm unable to compile
 HDF-EOS and Vis5D File Adapters correctly. There are many copile errors.
 It appears that jni.h is not found. Perhaps
 there is still some problem in my paths. Here are the
 current settings:
 My path includes: /scratch/rabin/jdk1.2beta4/bin where Java1.2 resides.
 Should visad be installed under /scratch/rabin/jdk1.2beta4 ?
 One more question: Can I use a remote X-windows display (on the SGI)
 to run visad on a Sun?
 Thanks for your help!
 -Bob R

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