Installation problem


I'm trying to install visad, and while I was compiling it, I got this 
error message. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks. I'm 
using JDK1.2 beta 4.

>make compile 
rm -f *.class 
rm -f java3d/*.class java2d/*.class util/*.class ss/*.class 
rm -f data/*.class data/netcdf/*.class data/netcdf/units/*.class 
rm -f data/netcdf/in/*.class data/netcdf/out/*.class 
rm -f data/fits/*.class 
rm -f ../nom/tam/fits/*.class ../nom/tam/util/*.class ../nom/tam/test/*.class 
rm -f data/hdfeos/*.class data/hdfeos/hdfeosc/*.class 
rm -f data/vis5d/*.class data/gif/*.class 
rm -f paoloa/*.class aune/*.class benjamin/*.class examples/*.class 
javac -J-mx32m *.java 
rmic visad.RemoteCellImpl visad.RemoteActionImpl visad.RemoteDisplayImpl 
visad.RemoteThingReferenceImpl visad.RemoteDataReferenceImpl 
visad.RemoteThingImpl visad.RemoteDataImpl visad.RemoteFunctionImpl 
visad.RemoteFieldImpl visad.RemoteServerImpl 
error: Class visad.RemoteServerImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteFieldImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteFunctionImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteDataImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteThingImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteDataReferenceImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteThingReferenceImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteDisplayImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteActionImpl not found.  
error: Class visad.RemoteCellImpl not found.  
10 errors 
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `compile'

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