visad troubleshooting

    I am an employee at Raytheon STX. I was trying to install VisAD, and I
got the following error after compiling the code(using make compile):

%make compile 

rm -f *.class
rm -f java3d/*.class java2d/*.class util/*.class ss/*.class
rm -f data/*.class data/netcdf/*.class data/netcdf/units/*.class 
rm -fdata/netcdf/in/*.class data/netcdf/out/*.class rm -f data/fits/*.class
rm -f ../nom/tam/fits/*.class ../nom/tam/util/*.class../nom/tam/test/*.class
rm -f data/hdfeos/*.class data/hdfeos/hdfeosc/*.class
rm -f data/vis5d/*.class data/gif/*.class
rm -f paoloa/*.class aune/*.class examples/*.class

java.util.AbstractList not found in import. import java.util.AbstractList; 
       ^ Class java.util.Map not found in import. 
import java.util.Map; 
       ^ Class java.util.TreeMap not found in
import. import java.util.TreeMap; 
       ^ Interface visad.Comparable of class
visad.QuantityDimension not found. 
  implements Serializable, Comparable
4 errors *** Error code 1 make: Fatal
error: Command failed for target `compile'

I was wondering if you could help me debug this error message. I think I
have java.util in the system, but for some reason the application is not
able to find it.


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