Re: Saving VisAD Data objects

> > I'm assuming that I want to use DataVisitor to suss out exactly what
> > the Data object holds.  Is this correct?
> Maybe not.  
> Take a look at
> The end result is that I'm using the Builder design pattern rather than
> the Visitor design pattern.

I'll check this out tomorrow.

> I'm not sure.  Thinking about VisAD data objects as arrays might be too
> limiting.  For example, VisAD Fields can be arbitrarily nested:
>     time -> (y -> (x -> z) )

This could be thought of as a 4-dimensional array...

> My solution was to define an object that knows how to access the VisAD
> data at each level and then to link them together from the innermost
> level to the outermost level.  See*Accessor.  Once
> I've reach a leaf node of the VisAD data object, I then define a netCDF
> variable that uses the chain of DataAccessors to access the data values.

This won't necessarily work for me; FITS objects can't really be that
complicated.  The "time -> (y -> (x -> z))" example would probably need
to be written as either a bunch of 3-dimensional images or an even larger
bunch of 2-dimensional images.

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