SIGGRAPH Orlando gatherings

Component-Based Visualization and Interactive Environments
   Informal Birds-of-a-feather gathering at ACM SIGGRAPH'98 (Orlando)
        19 July 1998, Sunday Afternoon, approx 5:00 PM
        Birds-of-a-Feather room, Convention Center

ApE, AVS, IBM Data Explorer, and IRIS Explorer pioneered data flow and
visual programming for technical visualization; is the next wave going
to be object-oriented visual programming based on reusable components
such as Java Beans?  Bring your ideas, opinions, and suggestions to our
gathering, Component-based Scientific Visualization and Interactive
Environments, Sunday 19 July 1998 at approximately 5:00 pm at the
Birds-of-a-Feather room.  Check kiosk displays near the registration
area for exact time and room number.

Also, Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) will hold a informal meeting in the
Peabody Hotel, Bayhill Suite Sections II & III, on Monday 20 July from
1:00pm  to 3:00pm.  All interested in component-based visualization are

Finally, all are welcome at another informal SIGGRAPH gathering, for 
Molecular Graphics, Wednesday Afternoon, approx 1:30 PM, check 
Birds-of-a-Feather Kiosk for details.  And a reminder that this year's 
meeting of the international Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society 
will be in San Diego, California, 6-10 December 1998, with the theme 
"Molecular Modelling in the Large: Bridging scales in space, time, and
complexity".  See for more information.

Michael Pique               9 July 1998

Director, Graphics Development 
The Scripps Research Institute: Molecular Biology MB-5
10550 N. Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 92037
(619) 784-9775  mp@xxxxxxxxxxx, fax (619) 784-2860

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