animation (was Re: VisAD contour surfaces)

> If one is running an animation using an AnimationControl generated
> from a ScalarMap, i.e.
>   animap = new ScalarMap(RealType.Time, Display.Animation);
>   display.addMap(animap);
>   anim_controller = (AnimationControl) animap.getControl();
> is there any way to determine the index (or the Time value) of the
> image that is currently being displayed?
Good point.  I have added the following method to
  public int getCurrent()
It returns the ordinal step number of the current
animation step.  You can get the Time value as
  int current = animation_control.getCurrent();
  float[][] values
    animation_control.getSet().indexToValue(new int[] {current});
  float time_value = values[0][0];
Note that AnimationControl.getSet() returns the
(1-D) Set of samples of Time (or whatever RealType
is mapped to Animation) associated with animation
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