My surface is constructed as follows:

    display.addMap(new ScalarMap((RealType)
    display.addMap(new ScalarMap((RealType)
    display.addMap(new ScalarMap((RealType) rntype,Display.Green));
    display.addMap(new ScalarMap((RealType) rntype,Display.ZAxis));

Where (x, y) -> documents.  The surface appears as if I am looking down
from above the white outlined cube.  If I put my pointer at the bottom
of the window and drag with the left button north the cube, the surface
orientates so I can read the bottom and side axis labels.  This is what
I want.  I can get a little closer if I change the above code so that
it reads Z, X, and Y axis.  Here, the X axis label is hidden on my left
and the Documents label is along the back wall.  If I place my pointer
on the left and drag right the cube rotates to get the desired result.
I tried other combinations as well without any luck.

How can I force the surface to display such that the X labeled axis is
horizontal in the foreground and the Documents label is vertical in the

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