Simple 3-D graph from a file...

I'm a member of Dr. Pensak's Advanced Computer Technology Group.  I'm
starting my textual data mining visualization project using VisAD with
a simple 3-D surface static graph from a file.  The file has X values
1-40, Y values 1-30, and Z values 1-30,000.  The 3-D graph should show
the terrain of the Z values.  Later I want to interactively update the
graph by getting values from a remote server when the user clicks on a
JFC table.  I have VisAD working and have explored all the examples in
detail.  However, nothing seem to come close to what I want to do.
Most values are pre-generated or come from a native interface to Fortan

My question is-- does someone have a simple example of a 3-D surface
from a file (or static array) that I could use to bootstrap this
project?  I'm perfectly willing to figure this out on my own.  However,
if something similiar is out there it could save me many
hours/days/weeks of work.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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