[thredds] [THREDDS #QSI-199254]: TDS release 4.6.15 and 5.0.0-beta8 (critical bug fix included)

Good morning,

We've just released TDS for both 4.6 (4.6.15) as well as 5.0 (beta8). These
releases contain a variety of updates to third-party libraries, including
security updates. They also address a problem in previous versions that could
lead to data returned by some NetcdfSubsetService (NCSS) requests being
corrupted. While the circumstances under which the problem occurs are very
specific (and rare), because the possibility of data corruption exists the
development team strongly recommends these upgrades to anyone using the TDS
administrators who are not able to upgrade immediately should disable the
NetcdfSubsetService until it is possible to do so.

For more information about these releases, including details regarding the
underlying DiskCache2 bug, please see our blog post at

Thank you,


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