[thredds] The 2020 CF meeting: Online, 9-11 June: Registration & Agenda


The CF meeting on 9-11 June is now less than two weeks away and the registration form and agenda are ready:

Registration: https://forms.gle/RoKHT4h8hnBN23Pk7
Agenda: http://cfconventions.org/Meetings/2020-Workshop.html
Discussion: https://github.com/cf-convention/discuss/issues/53

Registration is only to get an idea of numbers and so that everyone has an idea of who is attending the meeting. There is, of course, no fee! The registration form also asks you to express an interest in the Breakouts for Current Discussion Topics sessions. Please select as many of these are of interest, even though the discussions are happening in parallel, as it will useful to have a rough idea of numbers for each session.

The registration form also contains a link to a document that contains a very short summary of each discussion topic to help you decide which one, or ones, you might like to discuss. Many thanks to everyone who compiled it at short notice.

We will be using Zoom for the meeting (connection details nearer the time), which will allow each of our parallel discussions to be in its own breakout "room". These rooms can be accessed and switched between without having to leave the main meeting.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon, all the best,

On behalf of the organising committee

Antonio S. Cofiño
Dep. de Matemática Aplicada y
Ciencias de la Computación
Universidad de Cantabria

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