[thredds] NetCDF Access failure with python in ubuntu

Hi there,

I googled and find the similar problem

code is as follows:
import xarray as xr
data = xr.open_dataset(files,cache=False,engine='netcdf4')

xarray version 0.15.1
in ubuntu, failed with NetCDF Access failure
and I use echo "HTTP.VERBOSE=1" > .dodsrc to show the URL as you guys
told in previous

* Hostname thredds.atmos.albany.edu was found in DNS cache
*   Trying
* Connected to thredds.atmos.albany.edu ( port 8080 (#14)
> GET /thredds/dodsC/CFSR/2016/u.2016.0p5.anl.nc.dods?u.u[0][0][0][0] HTTP/1.1
Host: thredds.atmos.albany.edu:8080

it appears to send [] to server.
So is this the problem? how can I bypass this?

But why the same code works fine on my windows machine?
Thank you very much!
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